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Matting System: Anti Slip

Moist and wet areas can be hazardous, it can cause for slips and many more accidents. Investing in good anti-slip mats eliminates all these avoidable accidents. The anti-slip mats can be used in showers and changing rooms, for saunas, around whirlpools and barefoot areas around swimming pools.


Anti-slip mats have multiple benefits:

  1.  they are non-porous, hence very hygienic

  2.  resistant to corrosion, to UV radiations and most common acids or alkaline solutions.

  3.  the underbars are there for optimum four-way drainage of large amounts of water

  4.  hard-wearing and resistant to pressure and mechanical strain.

  5.  temperature resistant from -23C up to +60C

  6.  they are easy to install, clean and maintain

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