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Rise of the Home Gym

COVID-19 has introduced the world to a new form of life: Indoors. Social distancing has become the new norm. And as is projected, after its eradication, the world will have changed yet again. Theatres, restaurants and shopping malls might become obsolete. Business meetings and lectures will find a new platform on the internet. 

But what does this mean for the exercise industry? All the hours spent hustling away at the equipment, how can you return to the sweat and the grime of your local gym? It's simple really, you replicate it. The environment, the equipment and hence the overall atmosphere. All of that in the comfort of your home. It quashes away any reservations you might have about being amongst a large group of people, it can motivate introverted and shier types to workout comfortably and it saves a lot of additional travel time and money. What's more is that you can customise the surfacing and the equipment to be exactly according to your requirements and that is something a home- gym can accommodate. A one time investment in high quality and a durable setup that includes specialised gym flooring and exercise equipment is much better than a constant monthly membership renewal at the gym. The specialised 10mm thick interlocking tiles (pictured above) are a great solution for setting up a small gym area at home!

Would you consider setting up a home gym? 

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